Published: Tuesday 23 May, 2017

WATCH Exact Moment Bomb Exploded at Ariana Grande Concert Venue

A video has emerged of the exact moment the bomb went off at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. An Ariana Grande fan inside the Manchester Arena recorded the video as fans trooped to the exits after the concert. Suddenly a loud explosion was heard.

Suicide bomber Manchester

Shouts and screams followed. First, from a distance until the wave of panic slowly echoed to the people inside the arena.

According to initial reports, the suicide bomber detonated the explosion at the foyer of Manchester Arena right beside Victoria Station. Killed and hurt were fans rushing to the station to catch their trains home. A photo of the foyer littered with bodies and body parts has emerged online.

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19 people died in the Manchester Arena carnage. More than 50 other have been injured.

UPDATE: The death toll in the Manchester bombing has now risen to 22 with 59 listed as injured.

Ariana Grande has issued her first public statement since the incident, saying she is ‘broken’ by what happened.