Published: Wednesday 04 July, 2018

WATCH Honest Taxi Driver Returns Bag with P2 Million Left by Chinese National

Thank God for honest taxi drivers like Eduardo S. Matusalem! Tatay Eduardo just returned P2 million to a passenger who had left his bag in his taxi.

honest taxi driver

Taxi driver Eduardo Matusalem on Tulfo in Action. (Facebook/Raffy Tulfo)

Taxi driver Eduardo S. Matusalem has been a taxi driver for many years. This is how he supports his family and he will never jeopardize his job and dignity for anything. Not even for P2 million!

Tatay Edaurdo was driving around looking for his next passenger when he noticed a bag inside his taxi. He didn’t want to open the bag on his won so he did the next best thing that came to mind – to go to Raffy Tulfo and seek his help.

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Tatay Eduardo went to TV5 immediately but since it was already closed, he decided to wait outside the station with the bag. He didn’t want to risk anything with the bag, nor leave it anywhere else.

As soon as the station opened, Eduardo Matusalem turned over the bag to ‘Solian ng Bayan’, TV5’s center for lost and found items since Raffy Tulfo’s show was still closed. To everyone’s surprise, they found a lot of money inside – 240,000 Chinese yuan, or a little more than P2 million in today’s exchange rate!

honest taxi driver

Passenger Tao Junyi thanking the taxi driver. (Facebook/Tulfo in Action)

The owner was immediately informed via his contact details on an ID left in the bag. Chinese national Tao Junyi had already reported the bag missing to the police but their search was still ongoing. Mr. Tao thought he would never see his money again.

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The Chinese national gave Tatay Eduardo P10,000 as his reward, and also invited his family to dinner. Interviewed on camera, his kids were emotional as they expressed how proud they are of their father.