Published: Thursday 01 June, 2017

WATCH Horrific Tricycle Accident in Lubao, Pampanga Caught on CCTV Video

A collision between a tricycle and a truck in Lubao, Pampanga has killed one and injured three persons. And it was caught by CCTV cameras. CCTV video of the accident proved it was neither the tricycle nor the truck’s fault. Rather, it was caused by a car which hit the tricycle from behind.

Tricycle accident cctv

CCTV footage showed the tricycle traversing a portion of of the highway in Barangay Remdios in Lubao when a blue car tried to squeezed in from behind. It hit the tricycle, pushing the latter onto the opposite lane where an oncoming truck struck it head-on.

The impact of the collision was so great that the tricycle was split into three pieces, and its occupants were thrown in different directions.

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Killed was the tricycle driver while the three passengers sustained injuries. Meanwhile, the car driver, identified as Benedicto Castillo Jr., has been arrested.