Published: Saturday 08 July, 2017

WATCH Jake Zyrus’ Voice has Changed, Unable to Reach High Notes Anymore

As Charice Pempengco, he was a belter and could easily sing songs by Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. But now as Jake Zyrus, he can no longer do that. Jake Zyrus’ voice has changed and as this video shows, he is having a hard time reaching the high notes.

Jake Zyrus

Testosterone shots have changed Jake Zyrus’ voice and he cannot belt out songs he could easily sing previously. (ABS CBN screen grab)

In previous interviews announcing his name change, Jake Zyrus also revealed that he has been taking male hormones or testosterone. As a result, he has started to grow more body and facial hair. He even sports a shot mustache nowadays.

The male hormones has also started to lower his voice. Now deeper than before, Jake Zyrus’ voice will continue to change as he continues his testosterone treatments for his transition into a transman.

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The change in his voice is evident in this video posted on YouTube. Singing Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’, Jake Zyrus has a difficult time reaching some of the high notes.