Published: Sunday 04 June, 2017

WATCH: Resorts World CCTV Video Shows Gunman’s Rampage in Casino

The CCTV video of the Resorts World attack has been released. Resorts World Manila presented a compilation of CCTV footage from inside their premises which showed how the lone gunman carried out his attack.

Resorts World CCTV video

Gunman torches one of the casino tables inside Resorts World. (ANC/Twitter)

From the time the attacker entered the premises at Newport Mall to the time when the injured gunman was seen limping in the fire exit stairs, all of these were clearly shown in the video.

There was only one gunman as the video shows, contrary to claims by some witnesses that they saw at least another attacker during the commotion.

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It is also obvious from the CCTV footage that the gunman’s motive was not the kill and sow terror but to rob the casino.These thus bolster the authorities’ claim that the attacker was no terrorist but a robber.