Published: Thursday 01 June, 2017

WATCH Shocking Video of Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Released by Police

The 98-minute video of Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest in Florida has been released. The shocking video shows Woods barefoot, can barely stand up straight and incoherent as he failed FOUR field sobriety test administered by arresting police office.

Tiger Woods arrest

Tiger Woods being arrested after failing FOUR field sobriety tests. (Jupiter Police)

Jupiter Police have released the video of Tiger Woods’ traffic stop and arrest after he was found asleep at the wheel of his running car in Florida on Memorial Day. Footage showed Woods was totally out of it and at one time he said he came from LA.

Throughout the almost hour-long video, Woods was incoherent. He also barely stand up and kept swaying as police administered field sobriety tests. His breathalyzer results were negative (0.000) suggesting that he had no alcohol in his system. The golf superstar later revealed he was on prescription drugs.

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