Published: Friday 16 June, 2017

WATCH TonDeng Wedding in ‘A Love To Last’: Happily Ever After, or Not?

The wedding of Anton and Andeng in A Love To Last happens tonight! Dubbed as the weeding of the year on television, TongDeng’s wedding is highly anticipated because of several reasons.

TonDeng Wedding

Anton and Andeng’s wedding happens tonight on A Love To Last. (ABS CBN photo)

For one, viewers are eager to watch the wedding itself. What will Andeng wear? How will her wedding own look like? Well, according to TV Patrol, it will be a pure white wedding gown symbolizing purity.

Albert Andrada made the gown. Yes, the same Albert Andrada who made Pia Wurtzbach’s winning blue gown for Miss Universe 2015! For Andeng, it will be a high-necked gown with a lot of beading as teased on TV Patrol tonight.

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Anton will also be wearing white – a white tuxedo. And flowers for the big event will be peach and white, because peach is Andeng’s favorite color.

The event is likewise highly anticipated because of the drama that may ensue. Will Grace attend the wedding? Will she try to stop it? Or will she try to ruin Andon and Andeng’s big day?

Let’s wait and see. We will find out in a matter of an hour. Meanwhile, here is a teaser of TonDeng’s big event.