Published: Monday 27 August, 2018

LOOK ‘White Lady’ Caught on Video Along Notorious Pagbilao – Atimonan Highway?

white lady atimonan pagbilao

Is this the white lady of Pagbilao & Atimonan highway? (Facebook/Patricia Camille Alvarez)

White Lady of Pagbilao, Atimonan – Video of a frightening scene along a Quezon province highway has gone viral. A ‘white lady’ ghost was allegedly caught on video on the back of a multicab! Was the ‘white lady’ real, or just a hoax?

The video of the ‘white lady’ was uploaded on Facebook by Patricia Camille Alvarez who said the ghost sighting occurred on August 14. Alvarez, along with other motorists, were on a motorcycle along the Old Zigzag Road in the Pagbilao & Atimonan, Quezon area around midnight.

Alvarez said they caught up with a multicab with a ‘white lady’ seated at the back along the notorious highway.

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“Eto ung bigla na lang kami kinilabutan sa zigzag road… Ung biglang may nakita kaming ganto… Creepy!!! waaahhh c kuya Ramil kasi eh..” she wrote on Facebook.

Stunned and cared, Alvarez said their driver decided to slow down to let the multicab drive off.

Was it really a white lady on the back of the multicab? Ghost stories along that stretch of highway in Quezon are many. According to locals, the white lady is real and there are a number of them. Reportedly, the ghosts are victims of accidents along the Pagbilao – Atimonan highway seeking justice for their deaths. The ghosts would suddenly appear on the side of the road seemingly trying to hitch a ride.

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On other occasions, drivers said they would see the white lady already inside their vehicle but would disappear in a matter of seconds. Was this the case of the white lady caught on video? Or was it a hoax perpetrated by people trying to scare other motorists?

Take it from me, white lady ghosts are REAL! I have seen a number of them. No, not in Atimonan and Pagbilao because I have never been there. But Bulacan and Tarlac, especially that straight stretch of Tarlac highway from Pangasinan to Tarlac City, and from Tarlac City to Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija!

But my stories are for another post maybe later. For now, here is the video posted by Patricia Camille Alvarez.

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