Published: Sunday 03 June, 2018

LOOK Whitney Tyson on Rated K: Ex-Comedian Reveals Her Life Now

Remember Whitney Tyson? The comedienne is no longer in showbiz but there was a time when Whitney was a staple in local television, even in movies. What happened to her? Some said she is ‘naghihirap’ after leaving showbiz. Rated K finds out.

Korina Sanchez is featuring former comedienne Whitney Tyson on Rated K this Sunday. Yes, Whitney, the mixed-race TV star who banked on her appearance to have a showbiz career. Dark-skinned, somewhat cross-eyed and, some say, with a resemblance to boxer Mike Tyson (thus her screen name), she talks to Korina Sanchez to reveal what she went through.

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“Remember comedian Whitney Tyson? She was all over before! Super sikat dati and she was in many TV shows and movies. We heard naghihirap siya, so hinanap namin sya. And talaga namang nakaka-awa ang kuwento ng buhay niya ngayon. Inaapi kasi laos na daw siya and maitim ang kanyang balat. 😢”

Watch out for it.