Published: Monday 14 May, 2018

Why Didn’t Duterte Vote in First Barangay & SK Elections Under his Term?

The voting precinct where President Rodrigo Duterte was supposed to vote closed at past 3:00 PM but the president was nowhere to be seen. The president of the Philippines did not vote!

This is the first time I have seen the president of the country failing to vote. For so many years, our leaders have cast their votes in the elections – presidents, vice presidents, senators, congressmen, mayors, etc. They and their families are often the very first to cast their votes in their respective precincts, showing everybody how important it is to exercise this privilege. After all, it is votes that put them in office.

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But today, Duterte was a no-show at the Daniel R. Aguinaldo High School in Matina, Talomo district in Davao City – the same voting center where he cast his vote in 2016. Everybody waited for him – precinct personnel, voters and members of the media. Even the old class chair he used in 2016 had been prepared for him. But Duterte did not appear.

Ever since Duterte used that chair to vote in 2016, the school has preserved it and enclosed it in a glass case. It was only taken out of the case Monday morning to Duterte for Duterte’s use in the 2018 Barangay and SK elections.

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While there is nothing illegal about the president not voting – just as in the case of all Filipinos, voting is a privilege and not an obligation – it was still a BAD EXAMPLE that the president of the country did not cast his vote in the 2018 Barangany and SK elections. (But then again, Duterte has not been a good example in so many ways.)

Malacanang has no explanation yet why Duterte did not vote.

UPDATE: The president explained why he did not vote: “Purely political. Lahat ‘yung tumakbo kaibigan ko. Almost all were my supporters during the last election, and they would never believe na nagboto ako o hindi sa kanila, so tingin ko the better option is just skip the voting. Ayokong magduda sila.”