Published: Sunday 21 January, 2018

Wil Dasovich has Surgery to Remove Intestine Affected by Colon Cancer

It’s the final step to being cancer-free, said Wil Dasovich. He was referring to the surgery he would undergo to remove part of his large intestine affected by colon cancer, a procedure that would take Wil Dasovich from vlogging for, at least, a week as he recovers.

Wil Dasovich colon cancer update

Wil Dasovich colon cancer update: one final step to become cancer-free! (Facebook screen grab/Wil Dasovich)

“If everything goes well, I should be done,” said Wil in the video as he bid a temporary farewell to his followers. “This should be the final step to becoming 100% cancer-free.”

The past six months have been very difficult for Dasovich because of his cancer diagnosis. But all throughout his journey to fight the Big C, Wil never left his followers. He kept us updated on his latest diagnosis, the results of his tests, his chemotherapy and everything else in between.

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Wil still managed to make us laugh through his vlogging but we know it was difficult for him what with all the stress and anxiety, not to mention the pain, that the Big C carries with it. Hopefully, he will be cancer-free soon.