Published: Friday 05 October, 2018

On World Teachers’ Day, Sara Duterte Pays Tribute to Mom, ‘Teacher Elizabeth’

World Teachers Day

Sara Duterte and her mom, ‘Teacher Elizabeth’. (Instagram)

Today is World Teachers’ Day and all over the globe, we remember and pay tribute to the people who helped shape our lives – our teachers. And for Inday Sara Duterte, that means paying tribute to her mother who was a teacher. Sara fondly calls her ‘Teacher Elizabeth’.

“Ako ay anak ni teacher Elizabeth. Dumaan din ako sa sa pagchi-check ng mga test paper ninyo lalo na sa Typing at Rizal subjects sa PWC 🤣🤣🤣 Happy Teacher’s Day sa inyo. Remember that you are an influencer in a child’s life, make it happen,” Sara Dutere captioned her Instagram photo with her mom, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

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I share the same sentiment as Sara Duterte because my mother was also a teacher. Our mothers belong to the generation who chose teaching as their profession. Despite being ‘overworked and underpaid’, teachers continue to toil everyday for the sake of their students.

Like Sara, I also experienced checking test papers and reading students’ compositions. I also read their letters, and partook of their gifts.

On this day, let us thank out teachers for their contributions to our lives. And, if you’re like Sara Duterte and myself whose mother were teachers, make this day even more special for them.

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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