Published: Friday 30 December, 2016

LOOK World’s Highest Bridge in China Soars 1,854 Feet Above the Ground

The world’s highest bridge has just opened in China. Soaring high above a deep gorge, the Beipanjiang Bridge broke the previous record also held by another Chinese bridge.

World's highest bridge

The Beipanjiang bridge in China, the new world’s highest bridge. (PHOTO: AFP)

The new world’s highest bridge is located in China’s southwestern provinces. It connects the mountainous provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou, and cuts travel time by as much as 75%. One truck driver interviewed by local media said the previous travel time of four hours now only takes an hour.

Soaring 1,854 feet above the ground, the Beipanjiang Bridge took three years to build at a cost of more than US$146.7 million. This is actually cheap, according to Yahoo News, when compared to the adjusted cost of the Golden Gate Bridge built in 1933. The San Francisco landmark would cost $1.5 billion today.

The previous record holder as the world’s highest bridge was the Si Du River Bridge in China’s central province of Hubei. Actually, China has some of the world highest bridges, a testament to China’s engineering skills.

The world’s tallest bridge, meanwhile, which is the actual height of the structure, is still France’s Millau viaduct at 343 meters.