Published: Tuesday 21 March, 2017

World’s Hottest Nurse Criticized for Flaunting Her Body on Instagram

Good looks are a blessing to many. But, for some, it can be a curse. Such is the case of Carina Linn, dubbed as the “world’s hottest nurse” on Instagram.

Carina Linn

“World’s sexiest nurse” Carina Linn in one of her Instgram photos.

Sexy photos on the beach, poses in sexy outfits and selfies in provocative poses has received thousands of likes, causing a sensation on social media. As a results, Carina Linn has been dubbed as the “world’s hottest nurse” or “world’s sexiest nurse”.

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But not every follower is happy with her photos. Carina has been criticized for flaunting her body on social media. Linn has also been called out by other nurses who have taken offense of her provocative poses.

But Linn has defended herself from her bashers.

“My profession is still a full-time nurse as before. I am a nurse, a nurse who does shifts at a hospital. I am not a model or a photographer. Even more so, I’m not taking pictures because I’m trying to be famous,” she said, as quoted by Stomp.

“I am me, I do things that make me feel happy, I don’t think that I am anything special or extraordinary, I am just someone leading an ordinary life.”

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“Moreover, you should not have any opinions about me. Why? Because I am serious about work and I am serious about life. You are just miserably behind your screen, being jealous that other people’s lives are more fulfilling than yours.”