Published: Wednesday 05 July, 2017

Xian Gaza Breaks His Silence, Admits Past Scams & Clarifies Allegations

All I want is a coffee date with Erich Gonzales. That’s what Xian Gaza wrote on Facebook as he broke his silence on the issues plaguing him. Gaza admitted he was a scammer before but said he has changed his ways. Erich Gonzales’ admirer also clarified the latest accusations being hurled against him.

Xian Gaza Ella Cruz

Were Ella Cruz and Xian Gaza more than friends? Ella has denied he was her ex-boyfriend but new pictures from Gaza seem to show the contrary. (Xian Gaza/Facebook)

Xian Gaza answered several accusations exposed by a former employee Dewanie Catapang. He also clarified the scamming issue brought up by Ella Cruz’s mother, Jesica, as well as the sale of a Toyota Fortuner from Ella Cruz’s dad.

Gaza also reiterated that he was not a stalker of Ella Cruz. However, as if to imply that he and Ella became more than friends, Xian posted photos and videos of them together.