Published: Thursday 12 April, 2018

Xian Gaza Surrenders to Police 1 Day After Making Fun of His Arrest Online

Ertswhile Erich Gonzales admirer and Ella Cruz ‘close friend’ Xian Gaza has surrendered to the authorities. Xian Gaza surrendered after two warrants were issued for his arrest due to his alleged investment scam and for issuing bouncing checks.

xian gaza surrenders

Xian Gaza surrenders! (Twitter/Vivienne Gulla/ABS CBN News)

The surrender of Xian Gaza is surprising considering that one day before he was making fun of his impending arrest on social media. Just goes to show what a creepy mind this guy has. Earlier today, he posted this on his Facebook account:

xian gaza surrender

On Twitter, ABS CBN correspondent Vivienne Gulla posted photos of Xian Gaza surrendering to the police and being handcuffed. The charges against him are bailable, as far as we know, so his detention may only be temporary. The question is, does he have money for his bail?

Two days ago, these were Gaza’s posts on social media seemingly mocking his warrant of arrest:

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